slide wont lock back BT380

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by cabbage, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. cabbage

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    slide wont lock back after last round BT380

    just took my new BT 380 out today and after the last round, the slide fails to lock back. I tried 2 different brands of ammo with the same result. freedom munitions and Remington.
    please disregard pic. im just looking for an answer to the slide lock issue.
    thanks in advance
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  2. cabbage

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    returned the pistol for replacement. hopefully all is well

  3. cabbage

    cabbage Active Member

    ok. the pistol was returned and the new replacement does the same thing. is it a break in issue? im getting very disappointed with bersa pistols as of late. if the slide doesn't lock back after the last round. that can cause a serious accident because you are now forced to count your shots. and if you miscount......someone, throw me a bone here please. I don't want a defective firearm
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  4. greg_r

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    my BT380 slide failed to lock back also. the slide needed to be mated to the catch. works well now.
  5. NickBurkhardt

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    These type of failures seem to be happening a lot with newer Thunder 380 & 380CC pistols. It makes me wonder if Bersa ramped up production and cut quality control after Sandy Hook since we have the same problems with both if our 2013 Thunder 380s.

    These Failure To Feed and slide not locking back on the last shot are caused by the slide not traveling back all the way.

    That is either caused by you or the gun. If your thumb is rubbing on the slide, it may slow to where it fails to cycle properly. Then there is the dreaded and misunderstood limp wristing. If your hand travels back it due to recoil it may take some of the energy away that is needed for the slide to complete its travel back. Keep a firm crush grip and lean your body into the pistol.

    Now if it is the guns fault, that could be caused by not enough lube, too strong of a spring, poorly machined or finished parts. To fix try using a Teflon based grease instead of RemOli or CLP which runs all over and does not stay on the rails where you need it. Make sure that the spring is put back on the right direction with the muzzle end at the 12 o clock position. Take an hour with your unloaded Bersa and work the slide several hundred times while watching TV. Since it is a new gun, any imperfections from the factory may loosen up after shooting 200+ rounds through it.

    I have noted that these problems are not present when shooting self defense JHP or +P ammo such as Buffalo Bore.
  6. cabbage

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    I should have closed this thread since I no longer own the gun.
    thanks all,
  7. Tremors

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    It sounds like a Magazine issues.
  8. jpshaw

    jpshaw Well-Known Member

    I agree. Most failure to lock-back after firing the last round are magazine issues.