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    I have a problem with the slide release on my Bersa Thunder 380cc. With the slide locked back I can insert a full mag and the slide will release forward placing bullet in the chamber all by its self. It won't do this if the mag is empty. Anyone have any ideas as to why it does this?:confused:
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    I have experienced that condition on a few autos that I had, not just Bersas. Sometimes locking open when they should not. Usually there is some contact between the top bullet in the mag and the slide stop where it makes contact with the magazine. Hard to work that one out.

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    Thanks for the response there maybe a problem with the magazine it's an 8 round mag but when I put 8 in it won't lock into place. I will try to find another one and see if I have the same trouble.
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    My uc 9mm does this to. But if I'm putting a loaded mag in its cause I plan on shooting it. I Carry one in the chamber so it don't bug me.
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    Reynersons(Bersa authorized repair) attributes this condition to wear of the notch of the slide. The slide is a softer metal and when an operator uses the slide lock as a slide release, this metal on metal rubbing cuts into the notch in the slide, rounding it. Instead of using the slide lock to release the slide, it is suggested that the operator pull back on the slide and release it, feeding a fresh cartridge into the chamber.

    This condition that you mention is not very serious, since you can easily work around it. If you are not ready to chamber a round, then pull back on the slide and slowly release it. Now the slide is closed gently with an empty camber. Then you have the option of putting an empty or fully charged magazine in the bottom of your pistol. To charge the pistol with a full magazine, simply pull back the slide and suddenly release it allowing the slide to strip a cartridge from the magazine feeding it into the chamber.
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    From your comments above, I can see that you are using the term slide release and slide lock for the same part. It is best if you think of this as a slide lock only and do not use it as a slide release. If you want to release the slide simply pull back the slide and suddenly release it which will strip the cartridge from the magazine and feed it into the chamber.

    I know there are different schools of thought on this matter, but for the little Bersa Thunder I think this is the best method. I recall using the slide stop or slide lock to release the slide on a model 1911. However, after some IDPA experience, I have trained myself to use the pulling the slide back/sudden release always. Hope this helps.
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    Arrowsmith, as usual, Rynerson's is incorrect.

    PER BERSA'S Lead Engineer.
    The Slide Catch Lever is designed to release the slide automatically when a magazine is seated with authority, thereby speeding a reload in an emergency situation. If the shooter desires it to not release, simply push the magazine in until it clicks in place without using any extra force.

    The slide catch lever is designed to be used either way, by retracting the slide and releasing, or by depressing the Slide Catch Lever.

    If you have any questions, I would recommend asking those that work closest with the factory on any issues that may be presented with their different models.
    Thank you,
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    I had the same issue with my BT380. Started about 700 rounds or do into ownership. First started going home on its own, then would not lock back at all. Eagle Imports was going to send me a new slide, but asked that I call one of their warranty centers. They gave me the number, not Rynersons. I called and was told basically the same thing that Arrowsmith was told.

    The notch in my slide was visibly peened. I was told once fixed it would not happen again. The slide notch was fitted to the catch any it's not happened again. I feel I was giving good information??????
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    Well my UC 9 mm occasionally used to do that but no longer. I like it this way. Now dont matter how hard I set the magazine
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    To begin with it's not broken. There are a lot of forces going on at the same time in an auto loader. Start with your slide lock. It's has a spring that pulls it down to keep it from engaging the slide lock notch in the slide. With the slide off, insert an empty mag into the gun and you will notice that the slide lock protrudes into the mag well enough for the magazine follower to push the lock up. Remove the mag, place a live round in it and re-insert it and you notice it doesn't push the stop up. That's how the empty mag manages to hold the slide back after the last round.

    Now when you remove the magazine after firing your last round the slide remains back due to the recoil spring pushing the slide forward, thus pushing the slide lock notch against the slide lock. Any jarring that will cause the slide to "bounce" backward any will allow the lock spring to pull it back down and the slide goes forward. If a loaded mag is inserted with enough force it will jar the slide enough for the lock to disengage allowing the slide to go forward and chamber the round.

    If your slide is releasing even with inserting the magazine very easy it is due to the slide lock notch being rounded off some (this is caused from releasing the slide by pushing down on the lock instead of sling shot method) or just too smooth where the notch and the lock meet plus the recoil spring could be weak or all of the above.

    In most cases the pistol is not broke but the worse case scenario would be the rounded off notch which could be filed more square or the slide replaced. Try roughing up the notch and squaring it (this is very limited) some and a stronger recoil spring. Sorry for the long post.
  11. Although I'm a authorized Bersa warranty repair center, I must respectfully disagree w/ the factory's position re. the slide release
    In my opinion, a firearm should never do anything on its own and especially intermittently. If the slide released every time the mag is inserted, that might be acceptable. Also, for competition use a slide that closes on its own might be desirable, but not for normal use.
    Almost any slide will close if the magazine is really slammed in and the Bersas are no exception.
    When I get one of these in w/ this problem, I fix it so it stays back until the operator manually disengages the catch or, preferably, "slingshots" the slide.
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    My 380 cc has done this from day one, as before mentioned This is the way it works and I Love that feature, I also understand that a lot of other Semi Autos work this way , so no big deal, no wasted steps ,
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