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This thread is dedicated to all the excellent firearms created by SIG Sauer...please post a picture and share your views on this excellent platform.

Here's a pic of my favorite 9mm...a SIG SAUER P226...made in West Germany in 1988, which I bought used for $400 off a friend whose brother ( deceased ) had carried it alot and shot it little. I just swapped out the original recoil and firing pin springs with a Wollf 15lb (factory standard) package.

The P226 was designed for entry into the XM9 Service Pistol Trials (Joint Service Small Arms Program), which were held by the US Army in 1984 on behalf of the US Armed Forces to find a replacement for the M1911A1. Only the Beretta 92F and the SIG P226 satisfactorily completed the trials. According to a GAO report, Beretta was awarded the M9 contract for the 92F due to better durability during endurance testing and a lower total package price. The P226 cost less per pistol than the 92F, but SIG's package price with magazines and spare parts was higher than Beretta's. The Navy SEALs, however, chose to adopt the P226 later.

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Looking at that picture, I need to do some wiping down.

Just for those asking why I have pics of all my guns, it is for identification and insurance purposes. I recommend everyone does this, and keep a copy of your pics in a few locations, so you can easily retrieve numbers in the event of a theft.

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My Sig 556, got it when they first came out, got rid of it though because while it was entirely reliable and a great shooter, it was just too nose heavy to be comfortable for me.


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And the SIG 522 model:

Created a visible and feelable "off safe" mod on the frame. Frame is plastic, so just a light drill bit dimple, not too deep, and then red paint. When it's on safe you cannot see the new red dot, nor feel it. When it is ready to fire you can see the red dot and actually feel that it is exposed. The safety lever covers it in the "on safe" positions... both sides.

Replaced the fake gas bock in front with a fully adjustable laser (Walmart around 30.00). It is adjustable for elevation and windage. Threaded the on/off switch out the left side and attached to the barrel covers with velcro. Push it it comes on. Release it and the laser goes off. Deadly accurate. Last varmit that was killed was a raccoon on the porch eating the cat food. (live in the country ) Just stepped ouside, put the dot on the head and squeezed the trigger. DeadRightThere. Has killed other raccons and possums around the place as well via the laser.

I drilled and tapped the 2 indents of the gas block to same thread as set screws. Then I put threadlock on the set screws and keeps it nice and solid.

That other larger set screw holds the barrel band onto the barrel. The ones with the little bit of red are the new drill/tapped set screws.
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