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  1. superman_jjs

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    Good morning all,

    I am looking for a sholder holster for my Thunder .380. Any suggestions? I see that the Bersa page has some listed in their store but I is it good or is there any better out there?
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  2. dmtshooter

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    Just purchased a leather gun gear one off eBay pretty cheap for my Thunder .380. I would stick with a holster made specific for the gun not a one size fits most nylon one. Galco and Bianchi are both good brands.

  3. freefire2

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    I have a Galco Lite that I really like. I don't have a BT380 but, I can attest to the quality. I used it for a PF9 and it worked great!


  4. PDX1953

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    If you’re looking for a shoulder holster that’s darn near invisible check out Ken Null. Just Google Ken Null SMZ. I talked to him last night & he doesn’t have a Bersa to make a mold from so as soon as my .380 CC comes in I’m sending it to him. His holsters are unusual looking but he used to make them for the CIA & Secret Service before he released them to the public so if those guys like them you’re going to love it. I carried a J-frame for years with one of his SKR “City Slicker” holsters & I could wear it with a T-shirt & either a light sweater or a polo shirt and nobody could ever tell. The harness is white & the straps are very narrow so it won’t “print” like other holsters. The SMZ is only $75 but I’d have bought whatever he recommended regardless of cost.

    Ken doesn’t have email because he got tired of being spammed so you’ll need to call him directly. Just having the ability to speak with the owner is worth a lot these days & there are probably thousands of Ken Null fans out there.