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    Took my new Thunder 40 UCP and put 100 rounds thru it. First 60 rounds went fantastic. Loaded the next mag and the third round jammed going into the chamber, cleared it and finished the mag (7 rounds) with no problems. reloaded,
    fired the first 2 rounds, the third jammed in the same place, again finished off the mag with out any problems, the next mag was the same, and the last ran thru with out any problems. I only had the 1 mag (left the other at home in the box :( ) When I got home and cleaned the gun, I found no burrs or anything else that would cause a jam. I'm thinking it might be the mag. Any ideas?

    The mag seems to "float" while in the gun.
  2. hilandr

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    I have heard others discuss this same issue with similar calibers like the xds .45. I read where they attribute most of the issues to the shooter not holding firm and allowing the action to complete. I have no idea about yours, just passing along.

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    I have the T380 deluxe. Came with the Rosewood grips out of box. Also came with the black plastic grips as well. The wood grips are a bit wider than the plastic. I have noticed that the clip does not fall out of the pistol without a bit of help if the gun has the wood grips on it. I installed the plastic grips and the clip now falls out nicely. Either way it did not in any way compromise the action. Also I use Winchester law enforcement loads. They load and eject smooth.
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    Thanks guys, I plan on going to the range soon and will keep in mind what you said here.
    I'll let you know what happens.
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    What type of ammo are you using?
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    Went to the range with my Bersa 380 no problems in firing weapon. Does anyone have a Bersa 9mm and how does it fire. Thanks
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    Proper Nomenclature

    Not meaning to be a wise-arse, but being an old, old, old Marine, I am a stickler on proper fire-arm nomenclature, and I stay well up-range from anyone who appears to not understand their weapon, so please allow me to be a bit pedantic:

    Don't be a Dianne Feinstein—who doesn't know her butt from a post-hole when it comes to guns: a barrel is a barrel; a trigger is a trigger; a sight is a sight; what the government dunder-heads will call an assault weapon is anybody's guess, but a clip ain't a magazine, and a magazine ain't a clip! Please watch the following, and I will be happy to stand beside you at the range. :)

    I know, this might sound like a small insignificant detail, but, it isn't. There is no such thing as a small, insignificant detail when it comes to handling firearms. Failure to pay strict attention to every detail is not an option since some of them can get you—or somebody else—killed. End of sermon. Leave your clips with the preacher as you exit the building. :D
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