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    I have been a gun owner all my life, 22 rifles, revolvers, misc small semi automatics, etc. The thing is I really don't know how to evaluate used pistols. You know, is the gun used up, burned out, ready for trash, etc ? Counter clerks are always a bit evasive about how to judge any given purchase and pretty much leave it up to the buyer.

    So the question is; How do you rate a used pistol at the counter, what do you look for, what are the signs of a good or bad semi auto pistol at point of purchase?
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    I don't know what others have found but for me, at the stores I go to, the prices on the used guns are not that good a deal. I can usually find new guns online at lower prices than the used ones at the gun shop.

    Otherwise I would look for signs of wear and if it functions well.

    A good place to check out prices is on

    Armslist where I live has some and I got a Tristar there that was a good deal but most are not good deals... for example they try to sell their Bersas for 300 when you can buy them new for 250 or so.

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    I've had good luck with buying used rifles. Never had a problem. For them, I just check the action, look for pitting in the barrel, and just all around 'soundness'. But then, I used to own very simple rifles.

    With pistols, I've bought 2 used. In both cases I worked the slides, triggers and mag releases, checked the barrels, etc. Both looked and felt fine. The first one was awesome and worth every penny. The second looked and felt fine to me but proved itself a dog in need of a rebuild possibly. I think if I'd known how the 2nd gun felt when it was new, I'd have realized that the used one needed work. So now, I won't buy a used gun unless I can compare it to the new version to see how it functions from the factory.