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Ruger LC9, Gunshow and Range Rpt.

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Went to a small gunshow up the coast in order to avoid going shopping with the wife and daughter. Show was full of gun traders I know. They appeared to be having a slow day. There were not many people bringing in guns to sell. It was in Near Port Aransas, Texas, so most people were probably at the beach.

Kept dogging the door to see what came in. Finally stoppped a guy with a Ruger box. He had a like new LC9 that he had bought at the last show there in May. He was looking to swap it for something bigger cause he said, "he couldn't hit a pie plate at 25 yds. with it. Well, it ain't no target pistol for sure. He wanted 3 bills cash or trade on a full size 9. He wasn't getting it. There were a couple of new LC9s on that table for 355+.

Anyway, I tried 2 bills. That didn't work, so I met him halfway at 250. Not a smoking deal, but o.k. for a like new gun with all the papers, box and zipper bag. Guy said it had less than 50 rounds through it.

Gun is about the same as my Bersa thunder, but much lighter with a poly frame. Also thinnner, 7 round, single stack, mag, DAO with a manual safety
also. DAO is not bad. Smoother and lighter than a couple of Kel-Tec P-11s I had and about as good as the DA pull on the Bersa.

Probably be putting a few rounds through it out back when the sun comes up. So, range report later.
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Finally got out in the 105 degree heat and fired a few rounds through the little gun. Didn't even clean it. Looked unfired. Tried some WWB FMJs at a reasonalbe 10 feet. Gun didn't like it much. Fired flawlessly, but ccattered the rounds all along the right side of a standard P.V. El Cheapo, 15" pizza box target. Tried some slow deliberate fire, same thing.

Went back to the house and dug ups an old half box of Rem Golden Sabers. And went back. Much better. At the same distance, well centered around the mark as fast as I could line up the 3 dot sights. Even got one in the black. Works for me. Now to find another mag or 2. Looks like I have anew carry gun. Gotta dig up a couple of boxes more of the Golden Sabers I have stashed too. Still gonna try some other brands in it too.

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Don't care much for the DA only guns to begin with. But, weight, power and the thinner size were factors. It ain't no range gun for sure, but is a great close range SD gun. Wish it had the external hammer like the Bersa. that would help. Can't have it all.

As far as DA guns go. I had a couple of KT P11s, a KT P32, and an old Taurus Millenium PT111 that was DA only. The LC9 has a better DA trigger than all of them.
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