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Remington 710 7mm mag

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I may be trading for a Rem model 710 7mm mag. What is it worth? It comes with a Nikon pro staff 3x9x40, Luepold rings, and two boxes of ammo. How is it as far as distance shooting?
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I had a 710 last year. Got it used off a guy at a gunshow for a hundred bucks. Originally the guns sold at Wally World as a package deal, with a low bucks Simmons scope on them for less than 3 ills. It has been discontiued and replaced by the Model 770 package deal which now goes for 369 to 4 bills depending on the color of the poly stock etc.

The gun I had was a .30-06. I was not expecting much at first. However I was impressed with the gun. It did not have the "feel" of my old Remmy Model 700s, but it was functional, rugged and accurate enough for deer. Groups with it were under 1.5" MOA at 100 yds. The gun may have done better with factory ammo, but all I had to use at the time was reloads. And the scope was adequate, s 3x9X40. Knda liked the idea of teh detachable box mag cause I could just pull itout and not have to dump out a bunch of loose rounds. And reloading was easy. Just slap another mag in it.

Being that the rifle you are looking at has a better scope and rings, it would be more expensive and a better buy if you get it right. I have heard stories that the guns had problems, but I could not find any. Proably just stories. When I sold the 710, I got pretty much what a new 770 sold for. And now Remington has a newer model,b ut I can't remember the model number.

The 7 mag is a great long range round and a flat shooting round. I have had a few guns in that caliber and found the recoil to be a bit unreasonable. That is just my opinion. The guns I had were the Savage 110 and a Remingtion 700. Very accurate in both guns at @ 1" MOA at a hundred yards in both. If you intend to hunt large game at long ranges, it would be a great choice. Works fine at shorter ranges too, just seemed like overkill if there is such a thing. The round is effective, just more than what I need for any hunting I would do. Largest game would be deer at 300 yds or less. I can get by with a .243 most of the time and sometimes used a .270 which I like alot. But I found the .270 to be a bit of overkill and the .243 cals do what I need and have much less recoil.

Not knocking the 7 mag. It will do what the others do, and probably do it better at any rnage. Proably and do it much further than the others can too. If you can handle the recoil, it will do anything the others will do and do it better. I just don't need that much power.

Hope that helps some. Just consider the price of a new Rem 770 before you buy. if it is a swap, you can use the value of new one as a reference. However, ya have to consider the Nikon is a much better scope than the ones that come with the package guns at Wally Workd.
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I'd steer clear. Most gunsmiths wont work on them and call them "throw away guns". I had the same one and got rid of it first chance I could. The bolt's action is pretty bad. Mine wouldn't do any better than 5" @ 100 yrds with any ammo I tried.
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