Reflections on the Cold War

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    I think the younger generations don't understand what it's like to live in constant fear of nuclear annihilation. Sure, they have terrorism, but I think the ideology behind an attack, versus the end of the world are pretty contrasting when examined.

    I grew up in the later parts of the cold war, when it was becoming clear nothing was going to happen. I remember the cultural exchanges, the fall of the wall and the end of the Iron Curtain.

    What are your reflections of the Cold War?
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    I remember JFK...The Cuban Missle Crisis...Nikita Khrushchev using his shoe to beat the podium at the UN...

    the nuns making us "duck & cover" under our desks in school ( like that was gonna help )...air raid shelters

    full of grey WWII cans of water and K-rations...the nuns crying when JFK was shot ( 3rd grade for me )...

    Sputnik...the first satelite in an orbit so low, at night you could see it track across the sky...

    And my parents making our basement into a bomb shelter...what people now days call preppers, my family was

    doing in the 60's....I remember all of this like it was yesterday.
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    Anyone else have memories from the Cold War? I remember so little of it.
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    I remember "Bay of Pigs" invasion when Castro took over being mentioned on T.V. We were some of the lucky few that had one then. I just wonddered why anyone would attack pigs in a bay? I was only 4.

    I too remember having to crawl under our desks at school in 3rd or 4th grade. We had to tuck our heads between our legs and kizz our azz goodbye. We were told it was in case a tornado hit. There had never been any tornadoes here. Maybe a hurricane. Found out later from my dad why we did it. I had been out of Catholic school for 2 years or nuns would have been giving the orders.

    I remember new sidewalks being made around the schools and in high traffic areas around the school. We were told it was suppose to bueatify the city and give kids a nice walk home. It was. Dad told me later it was part of a bomb scare evacuation plan that eventuall died off with the Red Scare. He was the Chief cop and knew what the city and county plans were for.

    I remember my dad driving us over to the "crazy old man's house" on the other side of town to look at the big hole in the yard. Dad said the crazy guy worked oil field all day and dug with a shovel all night. He was digging a bomb shelter that was never finished. My wife said he wasn't that crazy. He is my father in law now. I knicknamed him "Slamfire." He As in out of control semi-auto,mostly when he is angry.
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    We did the same thing, but we do have tornadoes down here.