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Ready To Build

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It time to start building, the parts kits came today.
It is the MAG Tactical GEN 4 Ultralite AR Lowers, Palmetto parts kit & stock, & CMMG two stage trigger set.

It's not bad figuring how hard it is to find AR parts these days.:eek:
I'll need to use one of the 5.56 uppers I own on it for now, until I can compile enough parts to start the upper build.
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Sounds like a good start. I got a buttstock, spring and buffer several years ago. That was as far as I got.:D
I just wish good parts were easier to find this gun panic makes building way too hard.:confused:
Yep, alot of people were looking for parts at the last gunshow. There were plenty of guns at high prices. The guy at the table next to me had sold just about all his handguns and onnly had one AR left. I didn't even ask.
I am going to the show here in Kansas City tomorrow. I am curious to see what is left!
I am going to the show here in Kansas City tomorrow. I am curious to see what is left!
Be ready for very few choices & high prices.:eek:
If you are looking for ammo, take your banker with you. HaHaHa!
Hilandr...find anything good? I was going to go out there yesterday but got to busy with other stuff. Dont look like im gonna make it today either unless i get my sled and snow shoes out.
Build update

Well here it is, the build went easy except. I thought I had lost the small takedown pin detent, but after a half hour of searching I found it stuck in some thick lube in the bottom of the kit bag. (the eyes are not as good as they used to be) After assembly it feels a little lighter than my Plum Crazy polymer lower.IMHO:)

Here it is with a JSE Surplus 18" free float upper.

It worked well on the range out to 100yds. The big range was full-up so I'll need to do some more scope work when I start to stretch it legs out to 400yds.
It still needs a sling & maybe a bi-pod I think.:confused:
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