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Range report for Thunder 9 uc

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Put 200 rounds through it. I used American Eagle and PMC fmj 115 gr. Not a single issue with it. Recoil no different than my Glock 19. I like the fact that you sweep down with the thumb to put the safety off. Grips get slippery after a while. Trigger resets very quick. Idon'tknowwhythdonget more attention. I lov
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Muy bueno. Sounds like ya got a good one.
Thanks for the report
I would like to have a 9c, may I ask what you paid for it? I currently have a sig sp2022, in 9mm. I do like it, but I think the bersa would be better for every day carry.
....but I think the bersa would be better for every day carry.
Well, if it ever has to be confiscated, at least you'd lose a $400 gun rather than a $700 gun.
I paid 420 for it which I thought was reasonable. I just took 4 months of looking at every LGS that I knew of. If you look on you might be able to fing a deal. Sizewise its smaller than my Glock 19. Good luck you won't n be disappointed.
I went to my loco gun dealer and had him order me what I wanted. I took him the model number. My SN is C335**. Took a good 2 or 3 weeks to get it, but that was maybe 2 years ago.
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