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Range report for the Bersa fix

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So..if you read my long winded Bersa fix post, you will see I ran 150 rounds after the fix.I did not clean it (on purpose) and today, ran another 96 rounds (odd number I know).

So after 246 total rounds I had one FTF. Pretty good. Not perfect (yet) but considering I ran 3 different types of ammo brands, FMJ's and Federal Premium Hydro Shock JHP and Remington UMG and even remanufactured ammo

...The JHP's (any open nose) are usually more likely to cause the issue as the open nose will "catch"...but no problem. Oddly, the one FTF was a Fiocchi -

For me, the gun is now pretty dirty and what I have found besides the sharp edges I fixed, the Bersa LIKES to be clean and lubed.
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Muy bueno! Souns like it worked well enough.
Sounds like the fix works pretty well which is always good news.

We had an extraction problem with Fiocchi ammo once when my wife's 380 CC was brand new. The rim for the extractor is a little different than the Hornady and Remington that she carries now. I am not sure that was the problem but Fiocchi will never go into her gun again by high order of the Boss.
Updated range report

Okay so put 60 rounds through yesterday and another 60 today. Add that 120 to the prior 246 and you get 366 rounds and 1 FTF. I think I can call it fixed but I want to run another 200 through - no cleaning. Want to be sure that doesn't add to it.
Thank you for sharing this with everyone - it's very helpful!
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