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Push Button or Dial for Gun Safes?

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What do you guys prier in gun safes? I have a chance to get one of two, the difference being push buttons or good old fashioned safe.

I like the push button, seems quicker and easier, but what happens if the electric panel goes out?

I like the dial because it's been used for a long time and never fails.

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Mine is push button, i love it! I like that it makes a beep sound with each button I push so I can be sure it is working.
For anything that is quick access I like the push button.
But for a real safe I would go with the old proven dial, a safe never was intended to be quick access.
I have a push button on my quick access cabinet if the battery runs down there is a place I can touch a 9v battery to & still open it. If the touch panel wears out it can be replaced from the back.
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Both my AMSEC BF safes are push button...
Dial takes too long if you need to get to them in a hurry.
Push button is the way to go.
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SnapSafe closet vaults

Does anyone have experience with SnapSafe closet vaults. I am not looking for a safe that is 'professional safe cracker' proof or even fireproof for 6 hours. But I want one that will foil the routine burglar or vandal who isn't carrying heavy tools when he breaks in.
I've never heard of SnapSafe until your mentioning of them. IMHO they are pretty pricey for a jig saw safe.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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