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  1. hotshott

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    Gentlemen. What is your favorite handgun/rifle/shotgun and why? It should be something you currently own as well as shoot once in a while, although investment pieces are most welcome. Preferences are subject to change, of course.
    H/G Taurus 941 ultra lite 22mag. Accurate, dependable, Easy on the pocket.
    Rifle. Marlin 1895G 450. Average M/V 2225 ft/s. Thats why I like it.
    S/G Saiga 12. Kalashnikov action. And theres just something about having all that steel shot in 1 clip.
  2. SHOOTER13

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    My sixguns...
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  3. hilandr

    hilandr thunder 380 CC owner

    Right now, I just have the one!

    Bersa Thunder CC .380

  4. David

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    My favorite handgun that I currently own is my EDC, Bersa Thunder Plus.
    My favorite handgun that I plan to get back is the Bersa BP9cc.

    My favorite rifle is my Rem 700 .270.

    My favorite shotty is the Rem 870.
  5. 9UC

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    My favorite for practical use and EDC is my Bersa 9UC Pro followed by one of my BT-380s as my Sunday go to meeting carry and occasional back up.

    Only have two rifles, M1 Inland Carbine and a Ruger 10/22, so it's gonna' be the Carbine.
  6. Pancho_Villa

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    Well, those are sme narrow choices. I like variety. But if limited:

    For powere and versatility, S&W 629 .44 mag. Can load it hot or light.


    For using around the old rancho, bustin' varmints, javelina, etc. Marlin Mod 882 SS in .22 mag. Dubbed it the "Javenator" Killed over 15 of the nasty critters with it since I got it. Got bigger bolt guns, but this one is quiet and lethal enough to get it done.


    Currently my favorite HD and around the rancho shotgun, Stevens/Savage Mod 320 in 12 gauge. It's handy, Not exactly a bird gun. Got some of those, but will work great on spooked quail at close ranges.

  7. jpshaw

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    Favorite handgun? My Glock 19. Hey, I don't have a Bersa, remember.

    Favorite rifle? My 700 Mountain Rifle in 7mm-o8.

    Favorite shotgun? An old pawn shop 20 ga youth with 22" Modified barrel. Put an adult stock on it cut it to straight English style, sanded it down to a thin contour then two coats of walnut and two of linseed oil. Be careful what you feed it, since it only weighs 5 Lbs even.

  8. CPSinWC

    CPSinWC Active Member

    My favorite handgun is my bt 380. My favorite rifle is my Marlin model 60 dad got me when I was 12. I can still unload 18 shots in a close group like it is nothing.
  9. TwinSpar

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    My favorite handgun is my BP9CC
    My favorite rifle is my Rem 700 .308
    My favorite AR is one that I built in 7.62X39 (purpose built hog gun and plinking platform)
    My favorite shotgun is Rem 870