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Whether you buy into all the hype about the need for prepping or not, it makes sense to be ready for short and long term eventualities from storm power outages,to the potential loss of a job or whatever else may come our way.

In 1993 I lived in Iowa with my wife and 3 kids. The flood that year overcame the water supply and many utilities. We were without water for two months and without power for 3 weeks. It was quite challenging. We learned a lot about ourselves and how to manage. I really do not want to go into anything as poorly prepared as I was back then. I have been working on a few projects to be more prepared, I thought I would share. I'll break them down into categories.

I have purchased a Bersa Thunder 380 CC for personal protection as just recently added a Mosin Nagant for longer range security and hunting capability. I also have currently 500 rounds of 380 and 80 rounds of 7.62 x 54r. I am looking into picking up a couple of spam cans squalling 880 rounds but it will be of the military surplus variety and therefor corrosive.

We have picked up a few months worth of canned goods, and several propane tanks for use on the grill. We live in an area that has a large deer and wildlife population (for a suburban location). I am not sure how long it would last if **** hits the fan, but it is something.

I have 5 55 gallon barrels and one 88 gallon barrel. I have modified the 88 gallon barrel to receive downspout water. I would then pull that water through a Sawyer filter (it will filter 1 million gallons of water guaranteed)


I have picked up 3 CB radios and antenna along with 3 rechargeable 12 volt batteries and solar charging panels from Sunforce which will charge the batteries in about 6 hours. These CB, can easily be popped into a backpack and have a range of 2 miles to 25 miles depending on the location of your base antenna and the terrain.

The current plan is to live in our own homes and then consolidate as needed for security purposes.

Right now we have gathered enough wood for one winter, after that, who knows. As for gasoline, we only have a little.

First Aid
We have our current first aid, but I definitely need to bolster this and get a full traveling kit developed as well.

For the last several months I have been reading books, watching videos just generally educating myself as much as possible to any eventuality. I have always been a city dweller and honestly not really paid much attention to living off the land. I have been feeling quite inadequate in that regard and am attempting to turn that around. I've learned many things like which Missouri plants are edible, how to skin a deer, how to butcher a deer, medicinal plants of Missouri, things like that. Knowledge is power. I know that many of these things will be a struggle if ever put to the test, but being learned in the proper procedure will help more than hurt.

Please feel free to post up your current status. I am always willing to learn and listen. :thumbsup:
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