Pre-Lock Bersa 389 CC Question

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    Pre-Lock Bersa 380 CC Question

    I'd like to know what year the integral lock and the finger groove grips were added to the Bersa 380 CC. Knowing that will help me determine the approx. age of the older model Bersa in the photo. I'm thinking about buying it, but it's located in another city and I don't have the serial number. Thanks!

    UPDATE 1: Seller told me the Bersa he's selling is the CC model, but after doing some research, I believe it's the Deluxe model, not the CC. I enlarged the photo, but still can't read the name on the slide or the serial number.

    UPDATE 2: I emailed the seller my doubts that it's a CC model, and they confirmed that it's actually the DLX. Seller said he doesn't know what year it was manufactured.

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    That appears to be an much older DLX. Unless my old eyes are deceiving me, I can make out the "DLX" mark on the slide just above and to the left of the rivet that holds the slide release. The best I can make it out, I'm seeing what appears to be a 258501 as a serial number, but the 2nd through the 4th number are really blurry. Hope this is of some help.