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personal problem

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went to the va 2 weeks to get my arm re broke and have a plate and 10 screws put in. went back yesterday for the check up.
it seems when i am waking up after an operation i want to hit/ fight any body that's close. this bothered me. i asked the doc and others that were there about it and how i could stop it. they told me not to worry about it, just to tell them before i am put to sleep so they can strap me down. the doc said "you don't like to be cut open or hurt". and they can't blame me for that.
it still bothers me tho. i feel like a jerk.
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I wouldn't worry about it, when I drink, I punch my own damned family, let alone strangers. I'm Irish/Scottish = Drink/Fight.
now that i could handle. if i got that way when i drank, i would not drink.
I don't like to be strapped down and cut on either
I sure those doctors are used to it...don't worry about it.
I imagine that if you told them about it beforehand, they may be appreciative to know and understand that you know it is an issue and are not trying to be that way intentionally. It would probably help them feel better when you do turn into Mr. Hyde...
I do the same thing coming out of anesthesia. I ask no one be around till I'm fully conscious. I cursed out my grandmother once. She doesn't hold it against me, but at the same time I don't know if she ever got over it.

I don't remember a bit of it, my wife is the one who told me.
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