People are Stupid

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    By MD, The Patriot Nation
    I fear for my country when I consider how stupid many of thecitizens have become. To say that it's quite alarming would be a grossunderstatement.

    I have explained things to people in the most simple ofterms, only to be asked for clarification because they don't understand thecalamity of their thinking.

    Then, it takes all of the self-control I can muster to holdmy tongue and keep from can you really be that stupid?

    What has happened to the brains of people in America, youmight ask?

    I'll tell you what's happened; people no longer think forthemselves. They rely on the media and television to do their thinking forthem.

    Then you have the cliques who believe if their chosenpolitician said it then it must be true and everyone else is lying, neverbelieving for a second that perhaps their chosen one has gotten things mixed upor God forbid is flat out lying.

    It seems most people don't question anything anymore andjust accept whatever they hear from the media, president, or their friends asgospel truth.

    America is so screwed...because it's no longer about"what can you do for your country" but...what can I get from thegovernment?

    What price are you willing to put on your freedom? What willyou sell out the future of your children for? Healthcare? Gun control?

    As for me...I will die on my feet before I live my life onmy knees, as said by Emiliano Zapata.
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    As that great philosopher Forest Gump once said, Stupid is as Stupid does. Someone told me the other day that there are less people that work for a living than there are that vote for a living. The work ethic is dying, morals are becoming non-existent, and it is evidently easier to let someone tell them what to do than to reason it out for themselves. It's a sad condition this great country finds itself in right now.

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    It all goes back to the Vet-Nam war, the young men to keep from being drafted got into any college they could. This helped boost the intelligence of the general public, but in the late 60s with all of the anti-war protests the government learned that smart people are hard to control. That is when the government started to let the schools dumb down the curriculum. So from the late 70s on you will get those that are looking for a hand out more than the hand up so to speak. This is just my observation & my opinion on what I have seen. Again in my opinion this United States of America is up S#!T creek if we can't get this problem fixed.
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    History is the accumulation of those who did something, that's the reason it seems like in this day and age no one thinks for themselves.

    No one ever has, people have always "drank the kool aid" and that won't change anytime soon. It's just more apparent as the idiots have access to technology and can share their idiot ideas.
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    I just wish that we could somehow hold the media liable for what they print. They should be required somehow to stay objective and centered, neutral if possible. This way we would be able to trust the media. I know that is my whole issue, I have no idea who to really trust anymore, unless I can see it with my own eyes I am somewhat skeptical. Otherwise, trust no one...
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    We can, don't buy it, don't watch it, and it loses it's power.

    We live in an incredible age where a comet crashing in Russia can have footage seen the world over in a matter of minutes.

    We are writing our own history now, next step is writing our own news.