Part to make the .380 fire with no magazine

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    For all those curious, and those that wish to have their Bersa Thunder .380 fire if the magazine accidently drops out, or otherwise, here is a simple fix. In the below parts diagram is item #42, called a "Magazine Safety Strap". The spring has to remain as it helps to push the magazine out when you push the magazine release button. But, at the very top of this part 42 the tip bends over. This is so the Magazine Safety Strap will pull down on the "Disconnector" (#28) when the magazine is removed and prevent it from moving the "Hammer Release (38) and firing.

    Merely take out the part #42, use a file or dremel and take of the L shape of the top so that is is now straight. BUY an extra Magazine Safety Strap (cheap too) and if you ever want to go back to "original factory" merely put the new part back in. What this does is not allow the trigger movement to cause the pistol to fire with or without a magazine.

    Diagram and picture at this web site:
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