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Out of stock!

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This has been so frustrating. Everywhere I go, whether it be online or an actual store, no one seems to have any 380 ammo in stock. I bought my new thunder about 2 weeks ago now and have yet to shoot it.

Are the zombies coming and I don't know about it? It's like a major snowstorm is coming and everyone goes out to buy milk, bread and eggs. This is terrible.
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My local wal-mart is empty as well. I got lucky and happened across the ammo cabinet at 5 am while employee was stocking. I am now only allowed 3 boxes per visit of any one type of ammo.
I have plenty of 380 cartridges but it took a while for me to aquire them.
It's crazy. at this rate, I guess I'll break my pistol in around 2016.

Do they keep track of your visits? Can you go out and come back in. Lol
I suggest you find an online place or a local gun shop.
Give this link a try.

If you click on the blue names to the left that will take you to a link with the break down of that deal & a link to that sellers deal.
They may or may not have it in stock but it is a good place to start.

Just found some good SD ammo for .380ACP.
Feel your pain! Buying late in the game does not help. There's an old saying that "fool me once, shame one you, fool me twice, shame on me. Got caught with the proverbial pants down in the first Obammy inspired ammo run of 2008. Only owned one gun, a BT380, three mags of which two were Pro-mags, 1 box of frangible ammo to use at an indoor rang that required them, 1 partial box of Remington FMJs and 2 boxes of Speer Gold Dot JHPs. Now, for carry, I have two BT380s, one for under the pillow at night and one for Sunday go to Meeting and a 9uc for daily primary and enough ammo to cover both target and S/D. Keep looking, it does get frustrating, but continue one until you have at least 1000 to 1500 rounds from your primary carry.
Big THANK YOU goes out to David for his suggestion. I ended up getting some ammo. Finally!
The funny thing is I saw 250 rounds for $80. I thought it was a good deal. Just enough to break in my gun. I went out to walk the dog, came back and it was sold out! Grrr!
All learning experiences.
The internet prices on the above posted sites are over twice as much as I pay locally for the same exact ammo. WTF?
Be sure to check in at smaller shops. Been lucky finding .380's that way.
look in the little mom and pop shops. Thats where I have the most luck. Whenever I'm out and sbout ill stop somewhere and.
. check.
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