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Out at the range

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Yesterday took the wife out to the shooting range. She absolutely loves shooting the Thunder .380.

I was a little surprized how she could handle and shoot this gun. I bought this gun for her birthday on Jan 17. We took it apart, cleaned & lubed it and went over all the features before going to the range. When we got to the range she felt very comfortable handling and shooting. This was her first hand gun and wanted to make sure it was a pleasent expierence from day one.

I may have created a shooting monster though. All she talks about is shooting her gun, finding best price for ammo etc,etc.

We were also surprised the amount of women at the outdoor range. More than I have ever seen.
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Yes, I too have noticed more women shooting at the range.
I have also noticed many ranges offering women only firearms training & at my favorite range I hear the women are out shooting the men in some competitions. My girl friend loves to go shooting with me at the range, & I have also noticed that some men feel intimidated by a women that can handle a firearm well. I have seen a lot of men pack up & leave when my girl friend used an AK or AR to ring the 300yd gongs at the range.:eek:
Yep, the Bersa .380 is a nice shooter. My wife and kids like the one I have. Wife prefers a .22 auto, a Ruger MKII. She is more comfortable with it than anything else.

Kids are here for a long weekend. Might get out and fire a few on Monday. Had furniture to move today.
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