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    Hope everybody is doing well. I have been out of town working for a month and it is great to be home for a week. I have an opportunity to pick up a Rossi 357 snubbie in a beautiful nickel finish. Fired only a hand full of rounds and it shows. Anyone out there own or have owned a Rossi 357??? Give me your opinions. He is a friend and wants 300 $only. I have never owned a Rossi made weapon of any kind. Thanks up front for advise. I do not have a lot of time to sit and research on the PC. It looks and feels like a well made revolver.
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    I have had good luck with the Rossi revolvers. I had a couple of stainless ones a few years back. One was a 2" Model 88 in .38 spl. and the other a 3" Model 720 in .44 spl. Both guns were well dinished and relicable. The .38 was very accuragte and the .44 was just so-so. No problems with either one. Sold both of them in fits of stupidity. Wish I still had both. Just have a bad habit of trading guns at gunshows.:D

    Currently have one old one in .22 LR that is much like a S&W J frame .22 L.R. It has a 3" barrel in blue. Nicely finished and shoots very well. It's in great shape, but I know it is pretty old cause they have not made theat model in a while, a model 70. This one is marked Rossi and made in Brazil. The other 2 I had were later guns that were imported by Taurus unde the name BrazTech.

    With little wear as you say, the price seems fair for the .357. You will not be disappointed. But it always heops if ya get a chance to shooti it first.

    The little Model 70 in .22 with some grips off a S&W J frame.


    I have looked at the .357 which you describe at Academy Sports. It's fairly compact and well finished. I have thought about getting one. Think they were around 3 and a half + the last time I looked. Just have 3 other .357s right now, so I haven't been able to talk myself into it........yet.

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    Poncho, Thanks for getting back to me. Hope you are well. I am working like a dog but it has made my wife very happy and this is good. Currently I own a Charter Arms 357 snubbie and they are virtually the same less the manufacturer. I bought new, his was payment for labor he provided. Either way I have been on the range with him when shooting the Rossi and it appears to be very nice. Loud as you can imagine. The fact that it is a 357 in great condition and only wanting 300 cash is a bargin. If we were talking S&W then I am sure the price would be higher. He wants a S&W 357 with a 6 inch or longer barrel. I have a few model 27 and 29 pistols but he is looking for an even up trade. THAT will not happen. I told him I would make him a deal for one of 2 model 29 44mag revo's. Both are 8 inch and both are blued and mint. He told me 5oo cash and his Rossi. I laughed and told him 1200 cash and his Rossi. He stopped laughing. I am going to see him this weekend and I am bringing the 29 in 44mag. I would rather buy the Rossi outrite and not deal with my cannons. We will see what happens. I had a J-frame S&W 357. Sold it to pay rent. Long time ago. I have a small hand and the J-frame is a beautiful fit. When my dad retired he began to give me most of his revolvers. All but 3 are highly sought after big bore hand guns and worth far more today than he paid. I don't shoot them for that reason. The 3 I shoot are all S&W 1 is a 38 and 2&3 are 357.
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    Great Gun

    I have owned three of these wheel guns and they were top of the line. I started some time ago to switch over to semi-autos. I do not have a lot to spend on guns so I traded them. I would not give a second thought to buying another one when possible. Great value, dependable and good quality. For someone who wants the above Rossi is my pick.:)
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    My Rossi... considered a pistol, not an SBR.