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Opinions: Glock 31, .357 Sig

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Don't have it yet and may not swap, but? I know little about the gun/caliber combo. I know Glocks have a good rep. I know the .357 Sig is a powerful and accurate carttridge, but only from what I have read. I was offered one in a swap if the swap is right.

Never have owned a Glock, but would prefer one in one of the more common 9, 40, or .45 acp cals. This one was offered by the same old guy that wanted to swap a Mini-14 GB for my 3 crew Black Hawk and then backed out. So, I am kinda wondering if he will do the same again. After he got the G31 in a swap with a good amount of ammo, he decided it recoiled too much and would rather have a more common lower recoiling caliber.

Main thing that bothers me is if the .357 Sig will get popular enough to go mainstream as a common caliber that can be found anywhere like the others. I just don't see LEO agencies dumping the other cals. for the .357 Sig. or even the military. Are theree any military or law enforcement agencies using it now?

Probably the present owners concern about ammo avaiability also when his ammo supply runs short. Even with the local Wally World having some 9, .40 and .45 new during the ammo shortage. They do not have and have never stocked the .357 Sig.. i assume .40 S&W barrels will swap out on the G31, but I don't do much of that. I would just get another gun in a cal. I wanted.

At a recent gunshow, I was told that dealers had an excess of G31s and were welling them in the 350-400 price range. I was told, but did not actually see them.

The current owner came by to drop off some brass he had for my 7mm-08 reloading project. He mentioned he was wanting to swap the G31 and asked about the SW40VE I recently snagged. If I was going to swap it or what. And he told me to keep the G31 in mind. He is more of a walnut and blue rifle guy, but the SW40VEs are common and cheap. Kinda more of my liking for a swap on the G31 than a nice rifle.

Anybody own one or have opinions? Guys? G26USMC or SHOOTER?
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The 357sig round in my opinion is farely popular, not as popular obviously as the 9, 40, or 45, but IMO serves its own purpose.

There are many Law Enforcement agencies that currently use the 357sig, for example the Secret Service, Montana state police, and Virginia State police.

I personally have no experience with the 357 round, and for everyday use its not really a necessary, the 357 round was engineered for barriers and objects (as Law Enforcement will need this option more)

Glocks are great weapons, and I swear by them, but if the person is willing to give it up for SW40VE, that raises some concern to me, I would never think about parting ways with a Glock for a SWVE model, unless there were major issues with the weapon.

Just my .02
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