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One in the Chamber

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For those who CC, do you keep one in the chamber?
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Absolutely...Condition One !
Yep, and with the de cocker on. Once I got used to it, I like the weapons mechanic's.
If not your carrying a unloaded gun. Just practice a lot with the gun and you will get comfortable with it enough to carry it ready to save your life. I carry with one in chamber and the decocker on. I practice my draw with it unloaded that way so I can draw, take off saftey and fire. When I go to the range I do it live fire, draw, saftey off and point fire the first round at target from 10 yds. next 2 aimed. You will be supprised how accurate point & shoot will be with practice.
One in the chamber, decocked.
without one in the chamber, its jsut a really expensive hammer.

Theres a good number of youtubes, one great one by a lady, about trying to draw, rack and fire while an attacker is advancing and/or right on top of you (like you're likley to encounter in a real situation). It generaly does NOT go well.
Yes... Otherwise, why carry at all?
It is, afterall, a double action pistol, not a single action striker fired pistol. You HAVE to really mean to pull the trigger to make it go off. So yes insert the mag, rack the slide and holster it...BUT FIRST practice with an unloaded Bersa over and over until you always draw and holster with your finger off the trigger.
One in the pipe for me. I love hammer fire pistols that utilize a de-cocker. The Thunder 380's DA trigger pull isn't bad at all. Plus even with one in the pipe you can still keep the safety on (as many do).

I do the same thing with my Ruger P95DC. Always one in the pipe de-cocked.
I carry condition 1 with whatever I'm carrying, whether it's my Thunder 380 or my 1911....
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Was up your way in 1999...Fort Greely ( US Army launch site for anti-ballistic missiles )
I carry a revolver. There is always 1 in the chamber....
...and five more just in case !! ;)
I always carry with one in the chamber, with safety off. I don't want to be fighting with the safety for the rest of my life, when I need the gun most.
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Which Bersa firearm do you own...?
Round chambered and mag topped off . Safety/Decocker off. 380 Bersa has a firing pin block . So pistol won't fire till trigger is pulled all the way
1 - 20 of 94 Posts
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