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    I'm an old Jar-Head from south-central Pennsylvania. My main (and preferred) carry is an RIA Match 1911/45, but concealing a full-sized 1911 under a tee-shirt in the summertime is a bit of challenge, so a few months ago I went on the search for a summer-gun. No offense meant, but I just can't do plastic—no matter what you call it, or anything without a thumb safety, so was really put off by the majority of the "modern" guns available.

    I was visiting a friend in North Carolina who had bought a Bersa Thunder 380. After the first three shots (one ragged hole at seven-yards), I was in love. As soon as I got back to PA, I bought a pair of them, one for myself, and one for my wife. They both shoot right on PIA, and now a little over 300-rounds each, only two failures to go into battery with her first mag., they've gone bang every time. Amazing little guns! So, Hi y'all!
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    welcome to the Bersa Forum, and thanks for your service.

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    Welcome to the Bersa Forum OldCorps !!

    ... and thank you for your service to our great country !!
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    Muy bueno Old Corps. Welcome to the forum and for serving our country.
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    Sir, Welcome to the forum from Stone Mountain Georgia
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    [​IMG]Welcome from another military retiree and a newbie to this forum.
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    Welcome to the form, And Thanks for your service! I'm an Older than Dirt Salt!
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    Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum Uncle Buck !!