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    I have a Bersa Semi-auto, .32 cal., Made in Argentina, Serial Number 13118,
    I purchased the pistol in the late 70's from a friend in Tucson, AZ. Carried it for a number of years, have put a lot of rounds thru it, I carry a .45 now but after disassembling the Bersa and reblueing it, it is still in great condition.
    My question is, how do I get a history on one this old, I called Eagle and they told me if it's before the 80's they don't have the records.
    Thank you.
    (I do need the slide lock, if anyone knows where I can find one.)
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    Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum Marine !!

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    Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum!

    Semper Fi !!
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    Cannot help you with the slide lock but thanx for your service. Welcome to the forum.
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    Thanks for the welcomes

    Thanks for the welcomes, I will contact Lee,
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    If you can't get it fixed, send it to me and I'll try to fix it for you. I just don't know when you'll get it back, though. :)
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    Is there any other way to contact Lees Gun Shop other than phone or snail mail, I want to send these pictures to him. This is the part and the rear site needed, the rear site was plastic. On the slide lock magizine side, the end broke off, I can fix it only I don't know if that pin is sodered or pressed in the lever, looks like pressed in the button, I can fix it, I have a hard steel pin that size, just don't want to break it doing it.
    Also I didn't get any answer on the serial number, anybody know where to look for the information, the number is 13118.
    I am going to call Lee over the weekend and all this might be a mute point.

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