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Well, I could not find a thread to post this gun in. It is military accoring to the reports. It isn't old, from the 90s. So I wil put it in it's own thread. Probably not many like this around, so if ya have any odd looking pistol, post it with a pic and some details.

I was at a small mom and pop gunshow a few weeks ago with a buddy. We were there swapping and walking for a day, not at a table like usual. Just checking out the show for aciton, Might get a table later.

Anyway, I had dumped a few guns that got boring. Along came a guy with a backpack. He had seen me showing around an American Tacticool 9 MM pistol. Also known as the Tisas 9 from Turkey. Think CDNN has these for around 289+shipping. It resembles a DA/SA Sig. I got it in a swap for a used Taurus .380 I got in another swap. The gun worked great, but it was huge and held something like 20+1 rounds in the mag and pipe. Thats firepower. Just too big for me.

He liked the gun and pulled a Taurus Mod 82 heavy barrel .38 spl. out of his bag. He wap. It was a bit fugly, knda blue worn and had beater S&w grips on it. Told him I';d do it for a bill and a half. He said he would give me a bill, but only came up with 50 bucks. I said to forget it. I checked his bag and found a strange looking 9 mm, like new, box, instructions, and even a hang tag of 289 on it. He did not want to swap it. He had 2 of them and just brought it along. Yeah right. He tried me again later with the .38 Taurus. I just told him give me the Croatie 9 for the Turkey 8 and your 50 bucks. He walked off again and said to wait. He was going to his car.

We finally swapped. He got the Turkey 9 and I got the Croatie 9 along with a like new in the box F.I.E. low bucks, Standard Model .22 LR revolver with an extra .22 mag cylinder. DA/SA, fixed sights, heavy 4" target model, or so the box said. Like new in the box, no papers. It worked great. just a swapper anyway. Two guns for one was my kinda deal.

The odd Croatian 9 mil came with an extra mag, holds 15+1 rounds, plastic grips, slide stop hold open on last round. It has a manual safety, hammer block type, but not a hammer drop type with the exposed hammer. The gun is odd. The top half looks like a Walther P38 and the bottom half was described as being a bit Italian, Beretta to be exact. Don't lokk much like Beretta to me. All steel, recoil spring under the barrel. Takedown for this pistol makes the takedown of a Ruger MK .22 look like childsplay for those that own one. Fixed sight that shoot just a bit low. A few licks with a file on the front sight should get it right on. Groups were well under 2" with some low dollar commercial lead bullet reloads. About the same with Remmy 115 gr. hardball. Feeds and ejects perfectly. Gun is like new. Guess the hang tag indicated that. It is smaller than the Turkey 9, about as heavy. more odd looking, works great. Don't know what I am going to do with it. It was suppose to be a hurried up gun that Croatia developed during some war they got into in the 90s and they had no seervice weapon.

A pic of the Croatian Creation?
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