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Obama revives the home gun building hobby.

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Yes it is true Obama has helped revive the home building hobby.
The hobby was almost dead except for the ARs there wasn't much intrest in building a gun that would cost more than if you went to your local gun shop & bought it outright.
But since Obama's re-election the price of the poor AK has shot through the roof. I have seen the cheap WASR 10 selling for as much as $1300.:eek:
There is no way I would pay that much for an AK, but if I didn't have one & I thought they would be made illegal or just out of reach for the normal shooter that is why the price is going crazy. Building the AR is almost impossible because you can't find the parts (receiver) & even if you do find the parts, they are priced extremely high. The AK can be built for less than the going price of the complete rifle as long as you can find the parts. You may have to be on a waiting list but there are parts out there. Just about every place that sells gun parts has a pile of AK parts in the back room that even they are not really sure of what they have. The build forums are starting to come to life again & their are people looking for build tools or advice on building.
It almost sounds like a race to get as many built as they can before the congress puts limits on them & the high cap. mags.
Has anyone been part of this frenzy, if so what are you building?
I jumped in & bought up a few 100% AK47 receivers, I'm not sure what builds I'm doing yet but I got the receivers so if they make new laws I can build as I want because they are guns as far as the gov. is concerned.:rolleyes:
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Wow that is great information. President Obama has still giving time of cleaning and reviving home building hobby.
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