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no bersa for me YET but new to the forum

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i cruised on over from the hi-point forum because a bersa .380 is gonna be my next firearm when my budget allows. and i love the ammount of info i was able to get about hi-points from the experianced owners from that forum and was hoping to get " ahead of the game" so to speak since after my research bersa is gonna "fill the bill" the best .:cool:
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Thanks for joining. What helped you decide on the Bersa .380?
well currently my only other handgun is a c9 and i'm only 5'7 @150lbs, not exactly easy to conceal that brick ( but i refuse to get rid of it because it's been 100% reliable for me and accurate as all get out) plus i'm working on putting the money aside to go take my class d and g security guard courses and as a certified class g with a ccl my options would be either semi. auto .380 or 9mm... or revolver 38sp. or 357, as a duty weapon, ( so no .40 or .45 for me till after i get a work/ccl firearm)then i added the fact i wanted a weapon with a decocker to the mix, plus i wanted something with a warranty akin to my hi-points, and presto bersa pops onto my radar and after loads of research i find that not only are they very reliable but also the .380 has a fixed barrel as well ( so i thought sweet....+1 for accuracy):D
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Welcome to the Bersa Forum blazinbrazer !!
Welcome from Western Kentucky.
thanks for the warm welcome
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