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    So, having purchased my Thunder .380 in December, and shooting it every chance I get, I began looking at the other Bersa offerings. The one that most interested me was the Bersa .45uc. One of the first pistols I ever shot was a Colt 1911 .45 and I instantly fell in love. So I decided to try to find a .45uc and see if was as much fun as my .380 but in this crazy market it's hard to find anything so I resolved to wait and keep my eyes peeled. There aren't many .45uc reviews out there to read but Jeff Quinn at (a great and entrrtaining site, if you've never been) has nothing but good things to say about Bersa in general and the Thunder .380 specifically so I figured maybe he'd been able to try one out. A quick response to my e-mail stated that he hasn't but really wants to. The more I searched, the more enamored I became of the pistol's diminutive size and looks. I was starting to really exhibit some serious gun lust for it.

    Then, while killing some time at the local Gander Mountain, I stumbled upon a Ruger SR1911 .45 - and it was a thing of beauty. I tried to ignore it and left without it, but spent most of the night reading reviews online. Apparently they've been on the market for a year or so and are garnering excellent reviews. I caved. I drove back to Gander Mtn the next morning and bought it. It's got the 5" barrel and is resplendent in a matte stainless steel finish. Unable to get to a range for a few days, I found myself peeking at it several times a day and just holding it for the sake of familiarization.

    How's it shoot? Beautifully. It's actually more comfortable and accurate than my Thunder .380! Probably due to the heavier and larger frame absorbing some of the recoil. Even my wife adores it. At 4'10" and 105lbs, I expected it to kick like a mule in her hands. Her first three shots were all within the smallest ring on the target, with one dead in the center of the bullseye. And this is at 21'.

    As lovely and smooth as it is though, it's a little big to use as a CC weapon. The Bersa will remain my CC choice but the Ruger is my range gun.

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    I feel the same about my thunder 380. Then I stumbled upon the thunder ultra compact 45 by Bersa. Outstanding weapon. I expected a hard kick for a small frame 45 but I was wrong. Smooth action great in size and weight for a carry weapon. Since I have bought the gun it has been my weapon of choice. Thanks Bersa.

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    Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !
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    Thanks, Glock.

    Mlloyd, you've got one! How's the recoil "bite" when shooting? Are you pretty pleased with it's accuracy? Is it easy to re-find your target after shooting? Do tell! I'm still drawn to the .45uc.
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    Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum sclark !!

    Stop by and register to discuss this new Ruger here:
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    I have a small hand and unfortunately the 1911 is not a good fit. I have a handful of model 29s and few other revos. I have learned to shoot small frame big bore pistols. Recently I purchased a Bersa Thunder380 and a Hi-Point C9. I like my semi autos but love my revos.
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    Will do - thanks!
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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new Ruger 1911,
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    That is one beautiful gun. I would love to have one!
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    Thanks! I thought it was gorgeous too!