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Newbie from Green Country OK

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Just wanted to stop in and say Hi from Northeast Oklahoma. A friend and I drove to Tulsa today so he could look at rifles, I came home with a VersaThunder Plus .380. The Missus and I are planning on getting our Concealed Carry permits and I think this will be the perfect weapon. I'm going to take it in the back yard tomorrow and try it out and let the Missus see if she likes it, if she does I may trade her S&W .38 for a Thunder CC.
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Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum rnickelson !!
I took it out in the back yard and fired it for the first time, I like the way it feels, I was using Magtech 95 grain ammo. I was firing at a bucket so not sure of my grouping on 10 rounds, will put up a paper target tomorrow and get serious. I did notice that the spent cartridges all had a small flat spot on the cartridge opening on one side, is this normal.
Do you mean the cartridge case mouth...?

Can you post a picture of it....?
That's what I meant, the shell case mouth, I'll try to get a picture, I don't have a very good camera so I may not be able to get the detail. They included a spent shell casing in a brown envelope with the gun, I assume it was from the factory test fire and it has the flat spot, so must be normal.
Hello and welcome to the forum From Stone Mountain Georgia. Pretty safe assumption that if the spent cartridge the factory included has the same mark that it is normal.
Thank you everyone, I'm going to enjoy this forum.
welcome aboard!
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