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Hoping to learn more on my 380 cc. Ive owned it for about 4 months and for three of those months a gunsmith had it for the same issue I am having now. I have had problems with ftf jams and at times the slide will not go forward after a round has been spent. I can not figure out what it is catching on. Its very frusterating tho. I love this firearm and my wife uses it as her conceal carry and I was going to purchase another for myself but am hesitant since having this issue. Can anyone suggest anything as far as if they have had similar problems and or what gunsmith would be best to send it to for speedy service. I would really hate to go without this firearm for such a lengthy amount of time again. Thanks in advance
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Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !!
welcome to the forum and I hope you get your issue cleared up on your CC. May be just a bit tight still.
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