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New To Me and First Bersa 380

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Hey Everybody
Been reading the forum for a couple of months. Just bought my first Bersa 380's used and I think an older model than the thunder. It looks to be in really good shape although you can tell it's been used. Just cleaned it and it was dirty..still gotta clean grips and replace two grip screws that were not there.
Haven't shot it yet but will go to range Monday.
Normally carry a full size 1911-45 so this will be my carry when I can't dress around the 45 for whatever reason.
Anything you can tell me about this particular model or what to look for would be appreciated.


[/URL[/COLOR] 380/IMG_0004.jpg.html 380/IMG_0004.jpg.html]
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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new addition enjoy.
This is what I've found out about my new to me Bersa 380 so far. It's a model 85 which isn't made anymore...holds a double stack 13 round magazine...yea...hard to find magazines and when you do find one you have to mortgage your first born to afford it.

Taking it to the range today...found 2-20 round boxes of ammo so hopefully it will shoot them until I can find some least I'll see how it shoots.

Welcome to the forum. Nice pistola. I have carried one for years.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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