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New Thunder 380 report

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I just got back from shooting my new Thunder 380. I just ran 50 rounds through it, I want to make sure that I keep some ammo in my stock. I was very happy with my first experience. I am more accurate with this than my Ruger 9mm. It was a lot of fun to shoot, I can't wait till I find more ammo. I did have 2 FTF at the end of the magazine, but I think that this will get better as the gun gets broke in. I am very happy with this purchase.
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Sounds like a keeper...!!
Got my cc a couple of weeks ago. Second shot out the first clip jammed. Ran 100 more rounds with NO problem Very accurate (for me) to 7 yards. Only go that far because if the SOB is further let him run. No sense popping off a bunch of wild shots and taking chance of hitting the wrong target. Remember it only has 3" barrel AND IT NOT A TARGET GUN.
PS. I carry with the Sneaky Pete holster for the CC (and LOVE it!)
Sounds like ya got a good pistola.
Nothing like a good trip to the range with a new gun.
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