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    You guys here were nice enough to answer a few previous concerns I had with my new Bersa Thunder .380 so I thought I'd take a few minutes to report back on my first trip to the range with her. I went with my nephew who is a 13 year veteran on our counties Sherriff's department and he wanted some extra range time with his standard issue Glock 22 .40 cal 15 round.
    I purchased two extra SS factory mags. and the ammo I used was Magtech 380 Auto 95gr FMJ and Blazer 380 Auto 95gr FMJ.
    I read the threads concerning proper cleaning and oiling procedures that should be done on new Thunder's prior to break-in but I must confess I was lazy and was shooting the "little auto that could" fresh from the factory- right out of the box.
    I also spent thirty bucks on the Butler Creek "UpLULA" 9mm to .45ACP Universal Pistol Loader which was a huge help cramming the 17 rounds into my Beretta 92A1 three mags.
    My nephew wanted to try out the Bersa and once he ran a couple magazines thru it I had a hard time getting it back. lol He really liked the way it put his rounds effortlessly downrange on target. We were shooting life sized silhouette's at 15 yards and he could consistently put 3 in or less groups in. We ran about three and half boxes thru total without a single hiccup.
    I really like the easy feel to this gun and it's light weight, flawless performance and low impact recoil made for a delightful shooting experience. The decocker worked great with a round in battery BTW. All safety functions performed as designed although with slide open after last round and a newly loaded magazine smartly pushed up into position, a few times the slide would automatically slam forward (however whether the safety was on or off there was no discharge since my finger is always out of the trigger area until lined up to shoot). No biggie.
    In comparison his Glock .40 cal. was a handful to shoot with it's big heavy pistol feel and huge recoil. I'll keep my Beretta 92A1 9mm for all day fun shooting at the range but at night I think the Bersa Thunder will be keeping me safely tucked in by my bedside. It's a keeper. Cheers!
    P.S. Here "hickok45" gives the Bersa Thunder CC two thumbs up in his YouTube review which led me to "pull the trigger" on this purchase. No regrets. [ame][/ame]

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    Glad to hear you're enjoying that new Thunder...!!

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    Thanks. I truly am. It's a great shooter and for a little over $300 I think it was a good investment. In fact I just bought a set of Crimson Trace Laser grips for it from a dealer on eBay for $200 shipped. Now it has the perfect set up for my home defense #1. Not quite as cumbersome as my Beretta.
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    Glad to hear your liking it, thanks for the update :)
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    Sounds like another satisfied Bersa Thunder .380 owner!;)