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New old guy from Missouri

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I am new to the forum and I just bought a new BT380 a few weeks ago. It is now my favorite pistol. I have several DAO CC pistols and was never really happy with the DAO configuration and the SA automantics are scary when carrying with one in the chamber.

It is interesting how times and people change. When I married my wife over 25 years ago, she hated guns. So I gave mine away to relatives and we did not have a firearm inthe house for decades. However whenever I was away on business my wife was always fearful of a break in. She was fearful and felt helpless. So this last Xmas I bought her an Ruger LCR 38 special with Lazer. I thought she would be aghast and drop the thing as soon as she opened it. I was wrong! She liked the grip and heaft and especially the target Lazer. Since that time she has purchased (on her own) a Kahr 380 and a Sig 9mm and got a CC permit. We share a Kahr 9mm and an Ruger LCP 380 and now the BT380. When I am not home she is still fearful of a break in but she no longer feels helpless and has become crack shot. She carries everwhere she can. What has changed her attitude? Well that's the one thing I can thank President Obama for!
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Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !!
Welcome to the forum from deep south Texas.
Welcome, great story! I live in Kansas City, where are you?
Welcome to the forum. I'm glad your wife had a change of heart.
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