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Hello and welcome from Iowa. I currently own a Ruger SR9c and plan on adding a Bersa Thunder 380 next. I held one this weekend and it looks and feels like a great gun. It will be a carry weapon for my wife and I like the idea less kick than a 9mm Luger. Make sure to let your legislators know that to represent you they need to ensure that our gun rights are not infringed. Here is a link that will let you send a standard email to all of your legislators:

- Jstrott
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Hello and welcome to the forum! I also have the SR9c and love it! And I also have a Bersa Thunder .380 cc that I alternate carrying. Love it, too! And I just ordered the Bersa Thunder .380 Combat model.....:rolleyes:

WARNING! Bersa's tend to multiply, so keep the check book handy!

Enjoy the forum!
Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum jstrott !!

I've already posted that link here and on other forums...see this thread:
Welcome to the forum. I don't have the Ruger SR9c, but its big brother the SR9. I love it! It feels good, fits my hand, and since I'm a +-sized guy I can carry it concealed pretty well. I just added the BT380+ to my collection and it's everything that the folks here said it they are. I ran 100 rounds through it yesterday with only 1 FTE and I'm pretty sure that was my fault. I'm keeping a close eye on the 'weather' in Washington and hope that when (and if) I get my tax fefund I can add a BT45UC to the family. :D
Hello and welcome from Stone Mountain Georgia
Welcome to the Bersa Forum
Welcome from Western Kentucky.
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