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New member from Washington

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Just found out about the forum and thought I would check it out to learn more about Bersa as I am looking at buying a couple models. I am in the process of becoming a concealed carry instructor and already make custom kydex holsters so figured I should know more about the different options out there. My only experience with Argentina made firearms is the FM Hi-Power I have, which I am very happy with, so I am looking forward to what information I can gather from these pages. Thanks in advance!
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If you made clamshell style IWB holsters for the Bersa Thunder 380 and 380CC I would be interested.
Just post a picture of the models and let me see if I have access to one, then I could let you know. Might be getting a Bersa combat, if that is one you are talking about?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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