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New member from Spokane

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Purchased a used BT380 a few months ago after my P3AT failed to fire.

Went shopping for a new 380 and came across the BT. Love it and use it as my primary carry even after the KT returned from the factory.
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Welcome to the forum mp1977. Hope your KT was fixed.
Welcome to the forum. The BT is alot easier to hit with than the KT.:D
The KT came back from the factory with a new slide, polished feed ramp and some new internals. Feeds even the WWB target ammo without problems.

I now have a BU in the KT.

I do need to drift the rear sight on the BT a bit to the right. The adjustable is all the way to the right, however the rounds hit left about 6" (confirmed with a bore sight laser).

Do love the BT.
Welcome. Sharp Shooting Range in Spokane is a great place to rent before you buy.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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