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New Member and Owner of a Bersa Thunder 380

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Greeting folks! Thought I would check in and say hi. I purchased a new Bersa Thunder 380 for my wife for concealed carry. I thought I would do her a favor and take it to the range to start breaking it in...;-).

Well I put about 150 rounds through it. It seemed to function OK (used PMC Bronze 90 gr FMJ & PPU 94 grain FMJ), I had 2 FTE/FTF during that time. I loved the feel of the gun and thought the recoil would be very manageable for my wife. The groups were tight enough; the only thing that bugged me was it consistently shot low (2-3 inches below point of aim) from about 10-15 yards. Since this is for self defense, it is not a major issue, but still a concern.

Is this normal for this gun? Can it be corrected?

Thanks in advance; I look forward to accessing this forum often.
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Welcome to the Bersa Forum !

Maybe try this to help


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In addition to glock26USMC's advice above, check your sight alignment; not picture. You may be pulling the front sight too deep into the rear sight.
Welcome aboard. Good gun choice,I love my Bersa Thunder 380 ;).
Welcome to the forum. Try it with a rest. Most are dead on.
Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !!
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