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New holster

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Hello all! I am looking for a holster for my Bersa 380. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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I had a holster custom made In the waist band. Well worth the money too. Someone recommended him to me. I can post his website so you can contact to him. He does excellent work. Mine is for the Bersa thunder .380 I have been using this holster for over a yr. very comfortable! Best thing I like is I can tuck a shirt if i want. I have a couple pics of my holster if you look at my profile. hope this helps. I am not affiliated with this guy at all. Just super happy with his product and I would buy another from him if needed.
Selection depends on how you want to utilize your Bersa. If you are looking for concealed carry, you might check these out:

DeSantis Soft-tuk
Bianchi Professional 100
Tagua Leatherworks
Galco Sof-tuk
and others.....

Texas does not yet have open carry, so I can't help you there.
Good luck on your search! :)
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I have a new IWB holster from Hidden Holster which they specially modified for my Laser grips. It is excellent.
Go to Condors They have a holster or holsters for all the Bersa Guns.
Bianchi pro 100. Very good holster I have had mine for about 3 months now. After about 3 weeks it broke in and now most the time I forget I'm wearing super comfee. And if you like leather it is appealing to look at.
Also check these guys out I'm getting a holster for my M&P Shield soon from them.
Eagle Imports has leather vega holsters, have several of them and like them.
Bought 2 holsters from Comp-Tac for USPSA competition.
One for my Springfield 1911 A1 .40 S&W
and the other for my CZ 75B 9mm
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