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New here and need some info...

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I hope the attachment shows up. I have a chance to purchase what I was told was a Bersa model 226 ( see photo) . I cannot find anything on the internet about this model. It has a threaded barrel. Can anyone tell me what this gun model is and what it could be worth, Thanks in advance.


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also this is a 22lr thanks again.
I could not find year of MFG. From the looks of the pics and if the piece works well, You should be able to get the 22 for 225.00 to 275.00 .
wonder why I cant find the model 226 on the net anywhere. were they rare ? whats the deal with the threaded barrel. I can get the gun for $200 guy says it shoot flawless.
Welcome to the forum. I could not find anything either. I will check a few reference books I have later. Sounds like a good buy if it works like the guy said it does.
An old .22 with a treaded barrel? Makes me wonder about its history. If it were me, I'd hold on to it while doing deeper research. That's just me, though.
I dont have it yet david. what concerns are you thinking on its history?godd ? bad? Id really like it but if it isnt worth the $200 I can get it for I will Pass on it.
I can tell you right off the bat it is worth $200, if it shoots. The threaded barrel, if its history proves interesting, will only add to its value. If the threaded barrel was just something a recreational shooter did, its still a good good for $200.

Now, lets keep in mind that I do watch too many movies, okay? But to me... an old .22 pistol with a threaded barrel? The first thing that comes to mind is military or government assassinations.
Thanks. Im gonna go try it out tomorrow, Having never owned a Bersa, wasnt sure of the value and like I said ,cannot find anything about a Model 226 or a threaded barrel. he says it shoot flawlessly and is in great shape. Ive bought and traded with the guy and he has always done be right. Just was wanting a little mor info on it since I cant find any, LOL. Thanks
Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum bmdakk !!
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