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    Greetings everyone.

    My 60th birthday is only a couple of weeks away so I'm buying myself a couple of presents. The first one is the Bersa Thunder .380 Concealed Carry Kit and the other is a Bersa Thunder in .22 LR. I'd planned on buying a Ruger LC380 because I have a Ruger LCP & a Ruger SR9c. The Bersa Thunder CC looks like a perfect carry size for any occasion & the .22 LR is a cheap to practice with.

    I'm looking forward to learning from everyone's collective experiences & wish my dealer would hurry up & call back so I can go get my guns!
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    Welcome to the Bersa Forum !!

    ...and Happy Birthday young man !!

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    Welcome to the Bersa Forum !

    Happy Birthday !
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    Happy Birthday. Nice gifts for yourself. I will be turning 60 next summer. I will be getting another gun for sure and for Xmas and for my 38th Anny and well......I never really need a reason to get another gun. I just got one last weekend and.
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    I try to limit myself to one gun per month. I made it until the last day of August but saw a good deal on an LCP & just couldn't pass it up. In Sept. I bought a bolt-action Savage Axis in .223 & just shipped it to Ohio for some customization. I'm basically making it into a lightweight carbine just for shooting sage rats so it should be interesting when it's done.
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    Welcome to the Forum from Portland,In. :D