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New guy from Ga

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I suppose I should introduce myself. Long time lurker. Just joined recently. I have had my Thunder .380 for a few years now. I purchased it because it fit my puny "girl" hands well (at 5'6" you don't get large hands usually), compared to other weapons I have tried. I liked the fact that it had a hammer and was a solid metal gun. Even my wife likes it.

I was really considering trading it or selling it until I took it to the range a couple of weeks ago. Sent 200 rounds down range and even with my old eyes I was pretty well on target at 25-50'. Can't argue with tight groupings at that range. So, instead of a new 1911 (which I will have one day), I decided to fix the safety on the .380 and spend more time with it. I ordered the new safety from Bersa and will be putting it on this weekend. Will post up pics of the effort when I finish.

This is a great site with a lot of information. I am enjoying being "schooled"....funny since I am a teacher by profession.
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Welcome to the Bersa Forum !

Glad to have you aboard
Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome from East Texas, Tyler area. We lived in Kennesaw from 86-92. Great shooting and hunting area of the country. We still miss it.

Mike Parker
Welcome from the deep south Texas brosh country. Good to hear about your Bersa working out. They are really nice shooting guns. I am kinda short too at 5-7 and my stubby hands work well on the .380s, O.K. on the 1911s, and not so well on the Beretta 92s and larger guns.
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