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New Female Gun Owner

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I just got a Bersa .380 Thunder for my birthday from my husband. I am excited to get to the range with it. I have only shot a .22 so far but have suprisingly enjoyed going to the shooting range. I am looking forward to learning more about my Bersa and shooting in general.

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Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !

Congrats on the addition !
Welcome to the Forum. You must have a really nice hubby...:)
Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !!
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your Bersa. Remember some of our finest competition shooters are women. Your trigger will break at 4 to 8 pounds and that is all the upper body strength one needs in a firefight.
Welcome!!! :D
Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum. You will enjoy the BT380. Bought mine in November 2012 and am up to about 900 rounds. Fun, accurate, and frugal. I own a pretty nice collection of cowboy action handguns. Out of all I have 3 semi-autos. The Bersa 380 ranks up there with my favorites.
Wecome. I have one myself. Nice solid pistol. Will not load HP for anything. FMJ work just fine. When I jam a clip in with the slide back, 9 outta 10 times it goes forward without using slide release. I just put it in a little easier. Enjoy!
welcome from Indiana. I think you will like the new addition. I bought my wife a BT cc in .380, and she loves it. heck, I even carry it sometimes. its a great little shooter. good to see more women enjoying this great sport.
Hey, welcome to the family! Is your husband a member here? Have him sign up!
Thanks, everyone! Our schedule has been crazy so I haven't had the chance to get to the range. My husband is xdsgreg on here.
Welcome to the Bersa firearms forum from Dupage county Illinois.
Welcome. I bought my wife a bt 380 for Mother's Day and she loves it.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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