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New baby in the family. NOT a Bersa.

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Due to extreme order demand for on line handgun purchasing, My 9mm has finally arrived. Ordered in late Dec. I don't how many of you out there own a High Point firearm, Bought a ch9. But after 200 rounds through this piece all I can say is WOW., No it's not a Bersa or a Glock ect... Nor did I pay big dollars for it. But as I stated in my intro, Toning down the caliber to make shooting more economical. This gun is ugly and heavy all in the same package. Recoil is minimal due to it's weight. I did not have any ammo for the 9 so the range nailed me with a 17.95 price tag per box 50 shots x4. Tullammo 95gr, fmj. I could not be happier with gun. Bought a second clip as well. Once I got loaded up it was all down hill. No ftf's and no fte's On the way out the door a gentleman asked me about the pistol. A 9mm delivered for under 200 bucks is a deal in my book. High Point has a NQA lifetime transferable warranty as well. He stated he was going to look into the High Point. My 380 still takes honors over the 9, But as long as it works I'm good. And this gun works very good. 5 inch groups at 30 feet. 10 inch groups at 50 ft. For me that is pretty good. All in all an 8 on the 10 scale.
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Congrats on the new addition. HiPoint is one of those firearm manufacturers that gets a bad rep from people who don't own one, and the vast majority of people who do own one speak great praises of their products.
I've had my Hi-Point .45 for several years, think I paid about $130 BNIB at a gun show. It worked great for awhile, about 300 rounds or so, then it started locking open after the last round fired and the slide wouldn't release. I would try everything - mag in, mag out, brute force short of a hammer - but couldn't get the slide to release. The slide release would flop up and down, slide was stuck. In that position, I couldn't even disassemble it. So I would stick it in it's case and think about sending it back under warranty. Well, thinking about it and doing it are two different things, so when I finally would remember to send it in, I'd take it out, and voila! The slide would release and cycle fine manually. Few months later, make trip to range again, after about 3 mags it would lock back again. Repeat previous mentioned lack of "doing it" over the last 3.5 years, and over New Year's holiday I took it out of the case, and it once again released. Took it range, and after one mag it locked back again. So this time I actually got a Priority Mail box from the USPS as recommended by the lady at Hi-Point, and have it all packed up and ready to send, bouncing around in my truck's back seat. Might even make it to the post office next week!

Anyway, as bhale187 said, those that knock them probably never owned one. Mine can probably be fixed, or maybe they'll send me one of the newer ones to replace it if it is terminal.

I'd buy another. Accurate, weight helps reduce recoil, and can always double as an anchor! :D They aren't CC guns, but they make great nightstand or truck guns. I've thought about buying a few 9mm, maybe a .380, and hide them around the house for quick access should the need arise.

Hope you enjoy yours!
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Welcome from Stone Mountain Georgia
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