New 9 round mag for thunder 380

Discussion in 'Bersa Accessories & Gear' started by rnfeliciano, May 29, 2013.

  1. rnfeliciano

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    Has anyone tried the 9 round mag yet?
  2. David

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    I haven't tried it, but it isn't new. Its been around for quite some time now.

  3. hotshott

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    Gat Guns in Dundee Illinois rents numerous hand guns to shoot prior to purchase. Prior to my BT380 purchase I fired one w/ the 9 round mag. I was informed not to put 9 rounds into the mag due to FTF and FTE issues. My question was what is the point. It was not a brand new mag. After 50 rounds I pulled out my Charter Arms 357snubbie and had some real fun. My BT380 is a beautiful handgun and I have acquired numerous mags for it. I don't need 9 when only 1 will do.
  4. 9UC

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    Unless there is an issue of size and/or concealability while using the larger mag, I recommend them. I've got a total of 8 of the DLX mags. I bought them a couple at a time over about three years. Planning on getting a least couple more as I bought a second BT-380, used, about a year ago to use strictly as an under the pillow gun. For a while I loaded 9 rounds in each mag, but by personal choice and problems with my hands, not problems with the mags, I only load 8 rounds per mag. Initially the purchase was more about grip problems than wanting to carry more rounds. I have broad hands and always felt like I didn't have the best of grip when shooting. The longer DLX mags fixed that problem. For personal safety, I always carry one in the tube with safety off. When I finally "discovered" the DLX version, I was at the point of getting rid of the one I had at that time. Just an additional note, I load only 12 rounds on my 9UC primary carry mags and 14 rounds in my 15 round capacity M1 Carbine mags.
  5. Buddy

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    I recently discovered that my 380cc mag(8 rounds) will not seat in the pistol if there is already a shell in the chamber. Does anyone know if this is normal? Is the total capacity of the gun 8 in the mag and one in the chamber for a total of 9 or 7 in the mag and 0ne in the chamber for a total capacity of 8? I broke down the mag and all seems right. Thank you in advance for any info you provide.
  6. OldPlinker

    OldPlinker OldPlinker

    Mine fits no problem with one in the chamber and 8 in the mag. Three different mags and all work.
  7. tn1911owner

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    I just got my .380 dlx, 9 round magazine......loaded it with 4 sets of 8 rounds and it worked great.....loaded 3 sets of 9 rounds each it worked great then went to load 9 more rounds and all I could get in was 7 rounds, while loading it I heard something and felt a slight bang/pop/vibration of some sort inside the mag........I looked to see if I could take it apart and I cannot figure out HOW to get it apart it is not like my 7 round mag that came with the gun.....

    How do you take it apart ?????????

    Does it come apart from the top or bottom ????

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