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New 9 round mag for thunder 380

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Has anyone tried the 9 round mag yet?
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I haven't tried it, but it isn't new. Its been around for quite some time now.
Has anyone tried the 9 round mag yet?
Gat Guns in Dundee Illinois rents numerous hand guns to shoot prior to purchase. Prior to my BT380 purchase I fired one w/ the 9 round mag. I was informed not to put 9 rounds into the mag due to FTF and FTE issues. My question was what is the point. It was not a brand new mag. After 50 rounds I pulled out my Charter Arms 357snubbie and had some real fun. My BT380 is a beautiful handgun and I have acquired numerous mags for it. I don't need 9 when only 1 will do.
Unless there is an issue of size and/or concealability while using the larger mag, I recommend them. I've got a total of 8 of the DLX mags. I bought them a couple at a time over about three years. Planning on getting a least couple more as I bought a second BT-380, used, about a year ago to use strictly as an under the pillow gun. For a while I loaded 9 rounds in each mag, but by personal choice and problems with my hands, not problems with the mags, I only load 8 rounds per mag. Initially the purchase was more about grip problems than wanting to carry more rounds. I have broad hands and always felt like I didn't have the best of grip when shooting. The longer DLX mags fixed that problem. For personal safety, I always carry one in the tube with safety off. When I finally "discovered" the DLX version, I was at the point of getting rid of the one I had at that time. Just an additional note, I load only 12 rounds on my 9UC primary carry mags and 14 rounds in my 15 round capacity M1 Carbine mags.
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I recently discovered that my 380cc mag(8 rounds) will not seat in the pistol if there is already a shell in the chamber. Does anyone know if this is normal? Is the total capacity of the gun 8 in the mag and one in the chamber for a total of 9 or 7 in the mag and 0ne in the chamber for a total capacity of 8? I broke down the mag and all seems right. Thank you in advance for any info you provide.
Mine fits no problem with one in the chamber and 8 in the mag. Three different mags and all work.
I just got my .380 dlx, 9 round magazine......loaded it with 4 sets of 8 rounds and it worked great.....loaded 3 sets of 9 rounds each it worked great then went to load 9 more rounds and all I could get in was 7 rounds, while loading it I heard something and felt a slight bang/pop/vibration of some sort inside the mag........I looked to see if I could take it apart and I cannot figure out HOW to get it apart it is not like my 7 round mag that came with the gun.....

How do you take it apart ?????????

Does it come apart from the top or bottom ????

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