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New 380 owner from Kentucky

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Just bought my first Bersa. Ranged it today and love it. It will be my CC.

Great at 10 yards all within 2 inches. My son loved it too

Hope to make some good pals here and maybe some help with issues.

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Muy bueno amigo. Welcome to the forum from deep south Texas. Carried my old BT..380 for years. Great guns.
May she serve you well. I rarely leave home without one of mine.
Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome EvilSccoby! I keep my BT w/crimson trace in the night stand in case there's a party! The folks here are top-notch!
Welcome, hope you find a lot of ammo for it. They are a joy to shoot.
Welcome! Where in KY? I'm in KS but have family in Hopkinsville... actually heading back to visit and take my wife to Mammoth Caves for a little roadtrip.

Welcome aboard

Its a great place...issues ? We don't have any issues..just opportunities...LOL
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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