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    I'm here. Check the site once a day. Maybe the Chinese Covid got to all the regulars.
    Covid from bat toppings, my foot. It came from the nearby chemical warfare plant. I think China ought to reimburse the rest of the world for all their losses while fighting this bug.
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    Hey PPP,

    Well, yep. It was suppose to be a quiet one for us. Just wife, me, & son. Daughter & husband were taking his mom to Houston and do Thanksgiving there with his sister & family. They decided not to cause of the virus, so they went and left her cause she insisted on going. Just one day there and she fell and broke her shoulder. Drs. insist she stay there and she wants to come back here now. First they were going, then not and staying here with us, and now they might have to go get her if she gets stubbon about it. Like a 6 hour trip just one way.
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    Hey Toakey,

    Good to hear from you.

    Hey Rond,

    Got a .308 AR-10? Kinda expenstvee to feedb even when ya reload for it. Was thinking about one myself, but I already have a Fed Arms H & K 91 clone rhat I Can't afflrd to feed in that val. Even handloaded, ya burn alot of powder and expensive bullets. Don't shoot it much. The .300 Black Out AR is expensive enough using fastory ammo. Ain't got loading dies for that one.........yet.