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Need ammo

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I have had my Thunder 380 for 6 weeks now and I have only come across 1 box of ammo. Getting anxious to finally find some ammo and do some target practice.
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Thanks for the link. I will keep my eyes open.
I check Walmart almost every morning. When they get in some they will sell out in a few hours. Found about 4 boxes of Tulammo two days ago. Thats the Tulammo that's made by Fiocci in Italy, not the steel cased ones. Only thing that sucks is that it's $23.00 per 50 ct box and the 9x19 right next to them are $13.95 per box.
Most ranges will sell ammo for use on their range.
I use and track ammo like stocks. Set your pain threshold. Mine is 40cents, but dont buy above 36 cents. It's important to max out the quantity available because shipping will ding you about 10 cents a round. Check it a few times a day to get a feel for the market. Watch certain suppliers and set up your accounts with those sites even before you buy. It will make check out faster. Favorite time to check is about 1030 pm when many big stores restock website.

good luck
See if any local convenience stores carry ammo. After dealing with frustrating searches and high prices, I found a local cs that carries plenty of fmj target quality ammo.
I finally found ammo. Looks like I will get to break my new thunder in. Thanks for the help.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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